What is user experience design?

“User Experience Design (UXD or UED) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.” — Wikipedia

In simple words, User experience design is the process of creating a product that is easy to use by 10 years old or 55 years old depends on the user base.

“Good design is like a refrigerator, when it works no one notices but when it doesn't it sure stinks” — Irene Au

User experience design is not only the process for creating an accessible product but it…


Aride is a ridesharing company which allows user to enter the destination and pick up point and then order a ride. Aride uses location tracking to locate the passenger and then an algorithm to match with a specific driver.


Since Aride already had started an existing beta application. I need to rely on usability testing, studying task flows, interviews, and surveys to do the user research. Redesign implementation is needed due to the following flows in design.

• šNo transparency about price or estimated time of arrival

• Lack of emergency safety feature

• Confirm Aride screen was lacking information.

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The New Year is approaching and It is the great way to set your life goals and making your goals achieved. Do not mislead by the title of this article, I am not gonna talk about resolutions that you will make, cuz everybody has different goals according to their life and passion , I will talk about on how to stick with your resolution, That is right, the daily routine that will indulge you in your to-do’s.

First of all, grab a seat, a marker and note down the changes you want to make in your life in the new…

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I was at a restaurant and I saw this couple in the corner, They were on a date and both just keep checking their phones for text messages, facebook, and emails. Are we living in a world where people find pleasures in gadget instead of other people? People are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used but we are using people and loving things.

We have this gadget that can change our life, technology has changed our perception towards the world. We can use it to make the world a better place but some people are…

Viraj Upadhyay

UI/UX Designer

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